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Author: kellynumberfan
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No Password Private Shows! User can Tip to Join! Option to allow Club Members or Moderators Free Shows! No Grey Speak During Shows!

Full Description

***** NOTE: As of 2014/03/01 You shows are now fully hidden. A show image does not appear on the Home or Group Page. Group page shows that you are in a Application Controlled Show ****

This is my Member show bot Renamed.

* Give your club members or people in your list a private show!
* Just want to chat without all the drama from greys?
* Open to all in your list or Club Members!
* Concept from CB's Secret Show Bot
* /start - Start the private cam show
* /stop - Stop Private cam show
* /remove - removes a user from the show
* /check - see if a user has access
* /list - shows all users that have access to the show
* /add , (no spaces) - adds a user for the show
* /count - Show number of users in the show.
* /clear - remove all users from the show.
* Changes
* v1.0 - Initial Release
* v1.8 - Added multiple messages
* v1.9 - Added running minutes timer
* v1.10 - Changed add command to allow multiples
/add ,, no spaces
No Grey Speak During Shows!

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